Save Fuel by Watching Your Weight

January 9, 2022

Most OKLAHOMA CITY drivers are all talking right now. Better gas mileage. Fewer emissions. Oklahoma folks want to save the environment and our pocketbooks.And we OKLAHOMA CITY drivers all know or should know that preventive maintenance will help maintain maximum fuel efficiency. But is there so... More

Good Timing: Proper Timing Belt Replacement Saves Money for OKLAHOMA CITY Drivers

January 8, 2022

Knowing how their engine works can help OKLAHOMA CITY drivers make informed decisions about auto care and prevent repairs to their vehicles. This is especially true when it comes to timing belts.An engine's power is generated in the cylinders. Inside the cylinder is a piston that moves up and do... More

Cruisin' on Down Main Street

January 7, 2022

When automakers first came out with cruise control, it was a real luxury item. The older cruise controls used a mechanical vacuum system but it worked. Well, some of the time. Now days, cruise control is all electronic, thanks to computers. It's reliable and a real convenience on long trips. ... More

The Puzzling Puddle (Leaks Under Vehicle)

January 6, 2022

Ever notice a little spot of liquid under your vehicle after you've parked in your driveway or garage? It may have been something as simple as water left from air conditioning condensation. But then again, it could be a sign that there's trouble brewing in one of your vehicle's systems. You can ... More

Why People in OKLAHOMA CITY Hesitate to Get Their Vehicle Serviced

January 5, 2022

A recent report stated that over 80 percent of the vehicles on our OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, roads have one or more service or repair that's needed but hasn't been taken care of. Now that's a lot of undone service. That translates into something over 160 million vehicles in North America alone. So... More

Gas Savings in OKLAHOMA CITY: Sharpen Your Pencil

January 4, 2022

High gas prices in OKLAHOMA CITY increase the cost of living for Oklahoma drivers. You've probably budgeted a certain amount for vehicle related expenses. Increased fuel costs now consume a larger portion of our incomes, causing some OKLAHOMA CITY vehicle owners to skimp in other areas like sch... More

Taking the Heat (Batteries in Hot Weather)

January 3, 2022

Quick question. Which is tougher on a vehicle's battery, the heat or the cold? Believe it or not, it's the heat. Think about it. The battery often sits in the engine compartment next to that motor generating lots of heat. That can accelerate corrosion in the battery and may even cause water i... More

Watching Your Check Engine Light

January 2, 2022

Did you know that most of the cars driving around OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, carry more computer power than the Apollo 121 Lunar Module that landed on the moon in 1969?New cars sold in the OKLAHOMA CITY area have as many as 12 networked computers and over five miles (eight kilometers) of wiring. I... More

Super Slick at South Side Garage in OKLAHOMA CITY: Synthetic Oil

January 2, 2022

When you get an oil change, it's always a safe bet to just use the type of oil the manufacturer recommends. But sometimes we're asked if we'd like conventional or synthetic motor oil. We glance at the price tags on the two options and choose the cheaper one. But in this case, the more expensive ... More

To Save Gas Around OKLAHOMA CITY: Keep up with Your Scheduled Service

January 1, 2022

One topic that hits the news in Oklahoma on a regular basis is the price of gas. The answer for some Oklahoma drivers is to buy a vehicle that gets better fuel economy. For those of us in OKLAHOMA CITY who don't want to add a car payment to our monthly expenses, we need to improve our fuel econ... More