Stop It! You Need Good Brakes

December 27, 2020

Good brakes are obviously very important. If you've ever had your brakes go out while you're driving around the OKLAHOMA CITY area, you'll know how terrifying it can be. Today we'll focus on how to tell when you have a brake problem and how to make good repair choices. Often, the first indicati... More

Automotive Tips from South Side Garage: Wiper Blades ? Signs of Wear

December 20, 2020

90% of our driving decisions are based on vision. Anything that impedes your vision can affect your driving safety including a dirty windshield. In that sense, your wiper blades are an important safety system. Most OKLAHOMA CITY drivers will wait until their wipers have failed before they replac... More

Check Your Shocks and Struts at South Side Garage

December 13, 2020

Today we're talking to OKLAHOMA CITY drivers about shocks and struts. They're so easy for Oklahoma folks to forget about because they last so long and wear out so slowly. But your shocks are really responsible for keeping your tires on the road so they're very important.Without shocks, your wh... More

Why a Trip Inspection Is a Good Idea

December 6, 2020

At South Side Garage we get a lot of OKLAHOMA CITY drivers asking about vehicle trip preparation. That's a big deal. You could be driving through mountains and deserts in some pretty lonely areas around Oklahoma, so it's important to know that the vehicle is up to the task and won't leave you st... More