Oklahoma: What Is the Risk of High Oil Change Intervals?

November 26, 2023

Oklahoma residents may have heard that vehicles don't need their oil changed as often as they used to. That's true. But it's not the whole story.Owing to improved engine technology and higher oil quality, most newer vehicles can go longer between oil changes than their older counterparts.So what ... More


November 19, 2023

Perhaps you've heard someone use the term "loose steering." And it's pretty much what it sounds like. You turn the steering wheel and the vehicle's wheels don't seem to go exactly where you thought you were pointing them. You have to constantly make steering adjustments. Loose steering is slop... More

What OKLAHOMA CITY Customers like About Us at South Side Garage

November 12, 2023

A big part of the service we provide at South Side Garage for our OKLAHOMA CITY customers is education. We want you to feel confident with your service decisions. And we're always open to questions from our valued OKLAHOMA CITY area customers. Even though we try to be proactive in our South Side ... More

The Third Brake Light (Third Brake Light Service)

November 5, 2023

So you thought you only had two brake lights. Look again and you'll see one in the center at a higher level than the two on either side of the vehicle. They're sometimes in the inside of the vehicle behind the back window, or they could be in the deck lid, on the roof or on the spare wheel carr... More