Save Fuel by Watching Your Weight

August 27, 2017

Most Moore drivers are all talking right now. Better gas mileage. Fewer emissions. OK folks want to save the environment and our pocketbooks.And we Moore drivers all know or should know that preventive maintenance will help maintain maximum fuel efficiency. But is there something more we can do... More

Can Car Scent Keep You Safe on OK Roads?

August 20, 2017

Here's a travel tip that'll I'll bet you didn't know, and it might keep you safer...The average American commuter in OK spends two and a half hours daily in their vehicle.The government says 100,000 auto accidents yearly are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wheel. (Aggressive driving is t... More

Buying the Right Tires and Wheels in Moore, OK

August 18, 2017

Everyone in Moore, OK eventually replaces their tires, whether it's because they're worn out or they're just looking for something different. There are so many great tire choices in Moore, it can be difficult to sort them out. Let's group the broad spectrum into several categories that wi... More

Tire Tread Depth for Moore, OK Drivers

August 6, 2017

Driving on bald tires is like playing roulette. Though you may be fine today, eventually your luck is going to run out.The Feds don't have any laws for tread depth, but 42 of the states, and all of Canada, do have regulations. They consider 2/32 of an inch to be the minimum legal tread de... More