Regular Schedule or Severe Service Schedule at South Side Garage?

March 26, 2023

Today's South Side Garage article focuses on severe service maintenance. Many OKLAHOMA CITY drivers are not aware of them and yet there are also very vocal advocates in Oklahoma who think that severe service schedules apply to everyone. Somewhere between a complete lack of awareness and the dire... More

Water Everywhere (Clogged Drains)

March 19, 2023

It's bad enough when you mistakenly leave a window open in your vehicle on a rainy day and you find your carpet soaked. But what in the world is going on when your windows are closed tight, not leaking and you STILL wind up with wet carpet? The answer could be something you might not even know y... More

Talk to South Side Garage About New Shoes for Your Vehicle

March 12, 2023

Custom wheels are one way that OKLAHOMA CITY folks express themselves and personalize their vehicle. But they aren't as cheap and easy as sticking decals on your back window. There are several factors that need to be considered, including cost, the fit of the wheel, modifications that will have ... More

Improve Your Night Vision When Driving in OKLAHOMA CITY

March 5, 2023

Night driving in OKLAHOMA CITY is not as safe as daylight driving as evidenced by the increased accident rate at night. Much of that is simply because it's dark outside.Visibility is important to safe driving. Ninety percent of our driving decisions are based on what we see. And at night, we just... More